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Work From Cafes and Restaurants

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This is one of the WFHs.

Because this is WFH of us. In the case of ordinary office workers in Japan, they clearly separate work from leisure, and say, “Let’s go out to play when work is done” or “Let’s travel on weekend holidays.”

However, in the case of WFH, we can work not only from home but also from many places by taking measures such as security and line speed of Wi-Fi.

In remote work under the influence of COVID-19, issues such as colliding with family members by working from home were highlighted.

Many houses in Japan are small, and we were supposed to work at a company, we don’t have enough space for business in our houses.

Therefore, it is important to work in a place that is more comfortable and efficient than at home. For example, cafes, restaurants and bars.

From morning to lunch and after lunch to dinner, it’s not crowded, so you can work comfortably without disturbing the shop. Perhaps, this is an extension of home.

In fact, with the start of new normal in Japan, there are more and more places like chain restaurants are also responding.

So, we will creating plans based on accumulated experience for everyone who wants to improve the performance of working from home.

COVID-19 measures, optimal day and time, Wi-Fi security measures, power supply securing method, etc. Based on your request, we will create a plan suitable for each person.

First of all, please try as “richer remote work than usual” and create your “ideal WFH environment”πŸ™‚

Workcation budget

We accept orders $93.30 per person.
(It also includes taxes, food and drink, and plan creation.οΌ‰

Minimum time

From 2 hours.

Target Area

Around Tokyo in Japan.

Plan creation fee

25.25% of your budget. (tax included)


This is a service for members of the iine! Creative Colony. It’s a service that supports the creation of travel plans, so it is not covered by the Travel Business Act in Japan.